Everything around us is shaped by either nature or our hand through centuries. All you need to know about traveling and planning your next adventure is here. Find out about exotic countries that are worth the trip and have a life changing experience!


Enter The World Of Photography

We are traveling around the world and sharing our experiences through the photographs that we capture. We are trying our hardest to always get the perfect picture that can describe the place we are visiting.

Photos of the Month


Bridges of Budapest

Hungary is truly a remarkable place to visit during winter. Architecture is stunning, and locals are more than friendly, so if you’ve never been Budapest before, be sure to bring a camera with you and capture every moment spent there.


If you chose to visit Maldives during summer, one thing is for sure -you’ll have a very good time. One of those places that makes you want to stay forever once you visit it. Be sure to bring your soul mate and have an unforgettable experience.


Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Just looking at this sight makes you want to dip in, right? If you choose Iceland as your next traveling destination, don’t forget to stop by at Blue Lagoon and find out what’s all the fuss about this magical place.

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Julian Rodriguez

Ahoy there traveling mateys, I’m Julian Rodrigues, I’m 27 years old traveling enthusiast from Florida. I haven’t started living until I had my first adventure that had me visit over ten countries in less than eight days. If you like traveling like I do, grab a cup of your favorite hot drink, and browse our list of memories from various exotic countries displayed here. 

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