Benefits of Traveling Around the World Alone

So you’ve come up with a fair amount of money, and all you can think of is spending it on seemingly important stuff like upgrading your computer or buying new clothes or gadgets. But what if I told you that those things wouldn’t make you happy? What if I told you that once you have all those things in your possession the excitement and anticipation of having them, will disappear? Surely there must a better way to spend your hard earned money, scraps of extra cash accumulated over months. There is actually a better way, and it doesn’t involve you going on a shopping spree. Going for a vacation might just be the best way to refill your batteries and come back to performing your mundane activities.

 Visit all the places that YOU want to Visit

The best thing about finding yourself in a foreign country is that you don’t have to vote with your fellow travelers on which club to visit or what attraction to see. You can go wherever you want without ever thinking about whether it was the right choice, and if your group is comfortable with the choice you’ve outvoted. Visit the red district in Amsterdam, or check what’s behind the curtain of socially acceptable society in Bucharest. Buy a ticket for that show that you’ve always wanted to see, enjoy the ride. Go to a club, and I assure you that the only thing that you’ll be thinking about is how to make the most of your night.

machu piccu

 Meet New and Interesting People

One thing is for sure if you book only one ticket for your next vacation, you’ll meet tons of interesting and awesome people. Tourists are usually welcomed in most countries, so you can not only find out about a foreign culture, mentality and history but you can also find new friends and possibly the love of your life. It all starts when you are free to do whatever makes you happy, and when you aren’t confined by the rules of what socially acceptable is. No one will be able to judge your behavior because first they know nothing about you, and second, their opinion matters fairly little as they aren’t your close friends. So feel free to explore the world and talk to random folks as you visit festivals, push through the crowd as you try to pinpoint the location of the closest bar, or in any other situation.

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The commodity that you don’t have when you share your room with friends in a hotel or at your distant cousin’s house in Ukraine is privacy. In most cases, you’ll spend your time 24/7 with your traveling bunch. Sure you can take a hike, or a walk to the center of the city to clear your mind, but as soon as you go back to your hotel room, you won’t be alone in that head. If you choose to go alone, you can invite people that you want to your hotel room, and have privacy when you want. It’s quite simple when you feel like you want to hang out you can, when you don’t feel like socializing you can have your time to contemplate your experience.